The Secret in the Soup

By voyageuw · 9 months ago

We all know the feeling- the overwhelming sense of comfort and familiarity we feel when delicious food enters our stomach after a long, tiring day. For the Voyage team, there is one dish that always hits the spot:

Ostin’s soup.

So, who is Ostin? And what’s so great about his soup?

It’s about time we introduce you to our Lead Layout Designer and Master Chef, Ostin Kurniawan. Ostin is a senior who majors in Human Centered Design and Engineering at UW and has been on the Voyage team for two years. He loves hiking and has a history of cooking dinner for us during our team retreats. Ostin’s leadership skills and approachable personality never fail to put people at ease; from leading hiking events to driving the team to Voyage retreats, his presence has played a strong role in making Voyage the inclusive community it is today.

Ostin standing near the stove, spooning soup into a bowl.

Ostin making his famous soup at the recent Mount Rainier retreat. 

The first time Ostin made his soup was last May when Voyage UW ventured to Orcas Island and stayed at Jack’s grandma’s farm. The team slept there for two nights, bonding and making memories that would last for years. Cooking was a quintessential part of the experience- the team hauled all their food with them, confident in their ability to feed everyone for two nights. Making food for nearly ten Voyagers isn’t easy. It requires patience, skill, and a knack for efficiency.

“I’ve always made soups/stews at retreats because they’re simple and can feed a hungry crowd with minimal effort,” Ostin explained. “It’s a foolproof recipe that doesn’t need any fancy ingredients- you can do with a couple of glasses of wine and kinda just leave it and it’ll be okay. I made a beef stew the first couple of retreats, but since people’s food preferences have changed, this one – an italian-style potato-pasta soup with greens – has been a crowd favorite.”

When asked about his favorite memory, Ostin reminisced about breakfasts with the team. He reached back to the retreat where he first made his soup: Orcas Island.

“One [memory] that particularly stands out to me is when we had breakfast on the Orca’s trip last year, where we kinda all just slowly got up, had coffee and breakfast with Jack’s grandma, and just talked all morning while the sun rose and the dogs were running about. Super clear morning, I loved it. Once everybody has had coffee (and a shower), and everybody is glowing – those mornings are wonderful. Gossiping, bitching, telling jokes – it’s just wonderful.”

The recipe for Ostin’s soup may simply be pulled off an article from New York Times, but to the Voyage team, it’s much more than that. It is a symbol of the teamwork, friendship, and passion we share in creating something bigger than ourselves.

“The super glue that truly bonded us that night was undoubtedly the immense love and appreciation for Ostin’s perfectly seasoned, melt in your mouth, brothy, savory soup that we (I) ravenously gobbled up and rushed back for seconds and thirds (also mostly just me).” Kyler Martin, Voyage’s Artist, reflected while remembering a night at the Tye Haus retreat in 2017. “What I learned that night and that trip is that nothing bonds a good group of folks like well deserved, drunken soup slurping.”

The Voyage team and two dogs standing in front of a gray house with a moss-covered roof.

The Voyage team at the Mount Rainier retreat.

Want to make the infamous soup yourself? Here’s a link to the recipe.

Photos taken by Jayna Milan.