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We Create Voyage

We're a group of students passionate about tying writing, illustration, and photography to travel. Although we come from different majors and harbor distinct hobbies, we have all found solace and excitement in telling personal stories that shatter stereotypes, embrace differences, and reach beyond the bubbles of comfort. We know that traveling the world isn't feasible, but through storytelling of all forms, an audience can be brought in touch with a raw, emotional, and probing experience. With this cumulation of visual and written stories, our job is to inspire you, the reader, to get in touch with the world and to open up your heart whether you've got the travel fever or not.

Anya Watson


Bridgette Chen

Layout Designer

Cynthia He

Layout Designer

Evelyn Hyde


Jayna Milan

Founder and former EIC

Jordan Khoda

Photo Editor

Katie Yang

Web Developer

Kelsey Chuang


Laura Keil


Olivia Ling

Event Coordinator

Rosie Sun

Finance Coordinator

Sumaya Ali


Takae Goto

Photo Editor