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You can submit your writing two different ways: to our blog and/or to our 7th issue print issue. Submissions for our blog are always open whereas our 7th print issue deadline is October 27nd PST 12:00 pm. So, get your stories in! Our 7th issue will be all about Sustainability and Travel. We are looking for written and visual stories that reflect on the environment and highlight changes in our world and travel due to climate change. As a lifetime traveller, we are interested in hearing stories of how our travels and experiences have been altered due to climate change and what can we do to travel more sustainably. Through this issue, we hope to connect our readers to our one and only Mother Nature, as there is no Planet B. If you are interested in this opportunity only have to submit a short summary or a rough draft of your idea through this link. If the idea/essay is selected, we will pair you up with a copy editor to help you tell your story. The proposal is due this Sunday! This issue, as all issues, is not just about international travel - It’s also about taking inward journeys (whatever that may mean to you). Whether that’s across the pond or in your own backyard, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. Be honest. Be real. *For blog submissions email


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