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Our 6th issue will be all about the side of traveling that most people don’t see from the outside. We ask you to ponder how traveling and adventuring has helped you to reconcile, heal, and become more mindful of who you are as a person. Perhaps you’ll have photos about the importance of taking care of yourself on a trip - mentally, physically, psychologically- and how the rose-tinted lens that social media presents our adventures through isn’t always… quite accurate. Or maybe, you’ll submit photos from when you traveled solo and the difficulties and beautiful times that can come with that. This issue, as all issues, is not just about international travel - It’s also about taking inward journeys (whatever that may mean to you). Whether that’s across the pond or in your own backyard, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. Just be honest and be real. Fluidity is important to a photo essay, so consider lining up photos in such a way that weaves a meaningful narrative together. You don’t have to travel far; both international and local photo essays are appreciated!

Examples from Issue #2

Submit a Photo Essay Proposal

Give voice and an introduction to what your photos are about, where they were taken

Make sure they flow well, attach as many photos as you want – we can always cut down

Try to add voice to the captions; tell us a story, not just where you were